"With a west-facing location on the east coast, ebeltoft strand camping is in the premier league of the contry´s campsites"
The site is long and narrow. Approximately 800 x 110 metres with an area of ??approx. 7.7 Ha, located directly on Ebeltoft Bay at the entrance to Ebeltoft City. The soil is predominantly sandy with a light layer of mulch, so short tent pegs are not sufficient during windy conditions. Vegetation consists of pine, oak, birch and hawthorn in the mid-section. On the site there is little vegetation in the north or south except for a few wild rose bushes.
Even before the war the Danes biked to Vibæk to camp. It was planned to establish the campsite in 1939, but this was postponed due to the outbreak of war. The Tourist Association had been left an area for tents and the Conservation Board gave its approval for the construction of the camp in 1947.  
Many guests, some in cars, found their way to the informal campsite at Vibæk and in 1955 Friluftraadet recommended that wild campiong should cease and be replaced by more supervision and the use of camping cards.

Louis Andersen was the first camp leader.

In 1964, 10 years anniversary. A typical Molbo gaffe, since it was only 9 years since the campsite was made official ...
In 1968 established winter camping.
In 1978, the tents and caravans were removed from the beach itself and confined to the grassland behind it.
In 1996, toilet facilities in the North with "music in the shower."
The northern half was created in 1959 by FDM. In 1987 the FDM site was purchased by the then municipality of Ebeltoft. The two sites were then united into Vibæk camp. In 2006 the name was changed to Ebeltoft Strand Camping.
In 2010, the site was purchased by Lone & Peter Friis Christensen. We loved the unique location and wanted to keep the site entirely in sympathy with it, but we wanted to complement this atmosphere with outstanding facilities, so major refurbishment work was started.

In 2010 the outdoor swimming pool area was built. In early 2011 the service building in the south was fully renovated and in 2012 two service buildings in the centre of the site were torn down and gave way to a new large modern service building. The site is currently fully renovated and is a modern, well-run establishment, which belongs in the elite of Danish campsites and where you will be given a warm welcome.
Camp Leaders through time:
1955-1965 Ludvig Andersen
1966-           Laurits Christensen
1972-1982 Byskov (FDM)
1977-1983 H.C. Ravnkilde
1983-1987 Inger Petersen (FDM)
1983-1989 Egon Bloch
1990-2001 Poul Thomsen
2002-2006 Peter Toft
2007-2008 Marianne Falk Nielsen
2009            Brian Sørensen
2010-2019 Lone & Peter Friis Christensen
2020-           Hans og Anette Lund